Review: Death Grips, “Bottomless Pit” (2016)

Aggression, Nihilism and Anarchism. I'd never heard of Death Grips before this album. They've only been around since 2010, broken up and then reformed for this and a string of other, more-electronic and experimental albums in 2016. They're made up of MC Ride on vocals, drummer/producer Zach Hill and Andy Morin. They've been classified as 'experimental... Continue Reading →

Film Review: “The Lobster”, (2016)

Romance. Singleness. Loneliness. Awkwardness. Animals. David (Colin Farrell) has recently been separated from his wife. As a result, he is to attend a hotel with other singles and given 45 days to find true love or otherwise risk being turned into an animal of his choice - which is a lobster. While at the hotel,... Continue Reading →

Film Review: “Midnight Special”, (2016)

If you're after a film that will make you think (sometimes to maddening levels) then this other-worldly drama is for you. Jeff Nichols' Midnight Special follows the story of a father, Roy (Michael Shannon) that kidnaps his son Alton (Jaeden Leiberher) from the clutches of a cult in order to take him to a specific location on... Continue Reading →

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