Podcast 1

I recorded my first podcast this week with an elderly Hungarian woman that lived through the Nazis, Soviets and the Hungarian Revolution. Fascinating stuff! You can read about Marika Gubasci below: http://www.abc.net.au/sundaynights/stories/s3240772.htm Enjoy! https://m.soundcloud.com/throughtheeyeoftheneedle/podcast-1-marika-gubasci

Some Thoughts On Relating to People with Dementia (in a philosophically complex way with little scientific rigour & research)

Photo by Daniel Watson on Pexels.com Throughout my experience working in various dementia-specific units, I have been perplexed as to how some people remember things about me. What they don't remember about me is my name, or where I come from. But they do remember my face and rituals in relating that we go through.... Continue Reading →

Singing Scripture

“This knitting of song into our bodies is why memorization of Scripture through song is often so effective. Song soaks into the very core of our being, which is why music is an important constitutive element of our identity.” James K. A.  Smith

No fresh thoughts on Singleness

Some friends of mine recently encouraged me to write some thoughts on my experience of 'singleness'. Much of what I write may appear cynical, but these are earnest thoughts. It comes from a place of great failure, but also of great joy. The greatest prize is God himself. No person can be more than that and... Continue Reading →

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