Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Spoilers I recently re-watched the original Jurassic Park after some years and was pleasantly reminded about just how great a film it is. The effects still hold up very well, and it is an incredibly well paced and constructed movie with great characters. I grew up watching the film and gained a newfound appreciation for it from... Continue Reading →

Film Review: ‘Logan’ (2017)

Hugh Jackman's career-defining role as Wolverine/Logan/Weapon X has finally come to an end. I remember back in 2000 when my dad and sister went off to see a movie that I, at the time, did not wish to see, I decided to see X-Men instead, on my own. That was the first time I'd ever gone... Continue Reading →

Film Review: ‘Split,’ (2017)

I haven't watched any of M. Night Shyamalan's films for some time. I think the last one was The Happening, a movie about killer plants. The Last Airbender and After Earth appear to have sent him off the deep end, but he has returned in recent memory with a return to horror with The Visit... Continue Reading →

Film Review: “Ghostbusters” (2016)

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to an early screening of the new Ghostbusters by a film reviewer friend of mine, which is good because I didn't find any of the trailers particularly compelling. I also didn't have a problem with the all-female version of the franchise like many online 'haters' did. Kristen Wiig and Melissa... Continue Reading →

Film Review: “The Lobster”, (2016)

Romance. Singleness. Loneliness. Awkwardness. Animals. David (Colin Farrell) has recently been separated from his wife. As a result, he is to attend a hotel with other singles and given 45 days to find true love or otherwise risk being turned into an animal of his choice - which is a lobster. While at the hotel,... Continue Reading →

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