Review: Iggy Pop, “Post-Pop Depression” (2016)

Josh Homme produces Iggy Pop's latest existential, Queen-sy-esque outing, Post-Pop Depression. In the opening track 'Break into your Heart' Iggy states his intentions: "I'm gonna break into your heart/I'm gonna crawl under your skin...And follow till I see where you begin." The process of understanding another for him is the eventual "Walls come tumbling down". The pretensions are gone.... Continue Reading →

Review: M83, “Junk” (2016)

Credit: Consequence of Sound From shoe-gazing synth-scapes to John Hughes High School romance, French Synth-pop band M83 return with their best album yet, Junk - a collection of songs dressed in their best 80's outfits. The first song I ever heard from M83 was the song 'Kim and Jessie' from Saturdays = Youth. I think that song was on... Continue Reading →

Review: Koi Child, ‘Koi Child’ (2016)

Phat beats. Sick shapes. Epic jams. Rap. 'Nu-Jazz' rap outfit Koi Child release their first self-titled album noticeably under the production of Tame Impala's Kevin Parker. So, what wonders come from Fremantle, W.A.? Opening track, Grease, eases us into a groovy modern-jazz groove with rhodes-style keys. We quickly change pace in the following track, 'Wumpa Rat,' with syncopated keys... Continue Reading →

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