Gang of Youths, Manchester Orchestra, Saskwatch

It's been a while since I've posted anything on my blog. Laziness, procrastination, tiredness - all feeble reasons to keep yourself from doing something to keep your writing chops up. Sigh. Anyway, my thoughts/reviews will now be more condensed for readability and for time's sake. I hope you find them helpful and feel free to... Continue Reading →

My Pick of 2016’s Best Albums.

Another year down and hundreds thousands of hours devoted to listening to new tunes. Here's my pick of the best of the year that stuck with me (so far...who knows what December will bring?):   NAO, For All We Know NAO, from London, brings elements of nu-soul and late 90's r'n'b together in a funky album with... Continue Reading →

Film Review: “BFG” (2016)

You cannot conjure up 'movie magic' I don't remember reading The BFG when I was at school. I remember we did a few Roald Dahl books but mostly his autobiographical books like Going Solo. His positive presence in many a-90's child is palpable, as we all also grew up with Matilda and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. So when... Continue Reading →

Film Review: “Room” (2015)

Room is a film that got a lot of notice earlier this year around Awards season, but I never really knew much about it. It came and went. Brie Larson picked up an Academy Award for it. Ok, so what's the fuss? Room is about a mother and son, Joy (Brie Larson) and Jack (Jacob Tremblay), as... Continue Reading →

Review: Death Grips, “Bottomless Pit” (2016)

Aggression, Nihilism and Anarchism. I'd never heard of Death Grips before this album. They've only been around since 2010, broken up and then reformed for this and a string of other, more-electronic and experimental albums in 2016. They're made up of MC Ride on vocals, drummer/producer Zach Hill and Andy Morin. They've been classified as 'experimental... Continue Reading →

Review: Iggy Pop, “Post-Pop Depression” (2016)

Josh Homme produces Iggy Pop's latest existential, Queen-sy-esque outing, Post-Pop Depression. In the opening track 'Break into your Heart' Iggy states his intentions: "I'm gonna break into your heart/I'm gonna crawl under your skin...And follow till I see where you begin." The process of understanding another for him is the eventual "Walls come tumbling down". The pretensions are gone.... Continue Reading →

Review: M83, “Junk” (2016)

Credit: Consequence of Sound From shoe-gazing synth-scapes to John Hughes High School romance, French Synth-pop band M83 return with their best album yet, Junk - a collection of songs dressed in their best 80's outfits. The first song I ever heard from M83 was the song 'Kim and Jessie' from Saturdays = Youth. I think that song was on... Continue Reading →

Review: Koi Child, ‘Koi Child’ (2016)

Phat beats. Sick shapes. Epic jams. Rap. 'Nu-Jazz' rap outfit Koi Child release their first self-titled album noticeably under the production of Tame Impala's Kevin Parker. So, what wonders come from Fremantle, W.A.? Opening track, Grease, eases us into a groovy modern-jazz groove with rhodes-style keys. We quickly change pace in the following track, 'Wumpa Rat,' with syncopated keys... Continue Reading →

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