My Favourite Albums of 2017

2017 is weeks away from ending. Here are my favourite albums of the year (in no particular order). Please let me know what yours are! Queens of the Stone Age, Villains The lead single of Queens' new album Villains was 'The Way You Used To Do', a funky number with plenty of swagger. Although upbeat, it was kind of forgetful,... Continue Reading →


Podcast Reco’s: Sheologians.

  Every week, I listen to a wide variety of podcasts during my commute to work. Here's one of my recommendations. Sheologians. Joy Temby and Summer White discuss current issues affecting the Evangelical church in America. I'm not really sure how I stumbled across Sheologians, but I'm glad I did. As a listener, you and... Continue Reading →

Justice League

DC's heroes come together for the first time on the big screen. After the death of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman enlist the help of other gifted individuals such as The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg to stop Steppenwolf, a baddie, bent on destroying earth with several 'Mother Boxes'. What ensues is a movie that feels... Continue Reading →


"When you fell from the sky, my heart was racing. I knew something wonderful had begun." - Pazu, Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Demise of rules for curbing male behaviour

A few interesting tidbits from an article on sexual harassment by Ben Shapiro: 'In order to combat piggish behavior, conservatives have advocated for certain rules and a certain educational framework, built up over the course of centuries. Some of those rules include: social expectation that sex would be connected with marriage, thus cementing the connection... Continue Reading →

Prophets of Rage, QOTSA

Prophets of Rage, Prophets of Rage After several reunion shows in the late noughties, Rage Against the Machine went back into hibernation. Fans held their breath for new material but RATM were not to continue beyond their 3 amazing albums (and fun covers album, Renegades). The three remaining members in Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and... Continue Reading →


FYI I'm only basing my thoughts on the most recent film. I have seen the 1990 miniseries but don't remember much at all. I also haven't read the novel. Potential spoilers ahead. It is plenty scary and joins the ranks of well-made horror movies. Such qualities can be seen in horror movies like It Follows... Continue Reading →

When KoЯn was Peachy

1998. The Spice Girls were still a thing. We were beginning to see the emergence of boy bands such as Five and The Backstreet Boys. Britney Spears was on the horizon. My 10-year-old self owned a few albums at that time; namely, Aqua's Aquarium and The Spice Girls' album Spiceworld. (Spiceworld was the first album... Continue Reading →

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