Demise of rules for curbing male behaviour

A few interesting tidbits from an article on sexual harassment by Ben Shapiro:

‘In order to combat piggish behavior, conservatives have advocated for certain rules and a certain educational framework, built up over the course of centuries. Some of those rules include: social expectation that sex would be connected with marriage, thus cementing the connection between sexual activity and commitment; encouragement of marriage prior to sexual activity, thereby providing objective evidence for positive consent from the woman before an entire community of witnesses; carefully cultivated rules of conduct between men and women, including, in many religions, proscribed physical contact; expectation that men would protect women in chivalrous fashion.’


‘Apologizing for your gender won’t help. Suggesting that a bit more education will teach men not to rape won’t help, either. Only a proactive reinstitution of checks and balances in society will help. And that will require recognizing that human nature isn’t entirely malleable and that protecting women means requiring positive manhood, not wishful thinking.’

The recent scandal in Hollywood has brought conversation about issues of sexual harassment and abuse to the fore. Unfortunately, due to the prevalence of identity politics and the demise of rules (sex after marriage, etc.), we now live in a fragmented society where men are let loose without accountability until victims emerge. The arguments around protecting women and the notion of what consent, what is harassment becomes harder and harder because the posts have been moved so often.

I must admit, as a male, the prevalence of loose living promoted in film and easily accessed in internet pornography has shaped my life in regrettable and sinful ways that take time to undo. Shapiro’s comments are helpful to reveal the spine that moral rules have for benefiting our society and curbing male behaviour. Unfortunately for many of us, the choice to want to live a life honouring of those around us comes after living a life of sin and of belief in societal standards of sexuality and relationships.

Check out the full article here.

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  1. I agree with the social rules thing, and this comment isn’t about the indefensible behaviour of a lot of people.
    This comment is about the importance of not having social rules of open discussion (i.e. rules on discussing anything that people feel, even the weird stuff). With restricted discussion rules, the non ‘socially acceptable’ stuff surfaces in unhealthy ways.

    I don’t think the opposite of conservativism has caused more men to act badly, I think people just feel more open to discuss it, both victims and perpetrators.

    For example (numbers are wrong) left handed people in 50’s when it was socially unacceptable/forced out of people: 2% or population.
    Left handed people now it is socially acceptable: over 12%.

    It not that there are more of them, it’s just open, unrestricted discussion on the topic is acceptable; people are more comfortable to own up to being a lefty.

    Lack of discussion socially=judgement=repression=unhappy people.

    Great blog.



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