Interview with Peter Hitchens on COVID-19

Canon Press has just released the first episode of Man Rampant season 2 on Youtube for free!

If you haven’t yet seen season 1, it’s definitely worth the price of admission. The discussions with fellas like Aaron Renn and C.R. Wiley are well-worth the price of admission and touch on some of the hairiest topics of today (it is available for free on Amazon Prime in select countries but you can purchase it here).

This new episode is with Peter Hitchens, the brother of the late Christopher Hitchens. They discuss the issues of governmental control during the coronavirus. Here’s a great quote from this video:

A man goes to the doctor with a very bad case of chickenpox and the doctors says, “This is a very bad case of chickenpox. I haven’t seen a case of chickenpox this bad for years. I’ll tell you what, theres a new treatment for chicken pox which has been tried in China, it’s been very successful.” And the patient said “Oh, whats that?” And the doctor says, “Well, I’ll have to cut off your right leg.” So the patient says, “Hang on, I’m not sure about that.” The doctor says, “No, no! This is so serious I have to cut off your right leg.” So the doctor cuts off the right leg, and soon afterwards the patient recovers from chickenpox and the doctor says, “There you see? It’s worked! And your chickenpox has been cured.” And the patient said, “Well guess what? I’ve only got one leg.” The doctor said “Well this is the price you have to pay.”

And this is more-or-less British government policy.

I think the same with Australian policy too; with a reaction that has sent many into unemployed and pushed the country into a recession.

I’ve had the coronavirus test twice due to mild cold symptoms, as I work with a vulnerable group (testing ‘negative’ both times). But I am getting tired of sacrificing my sick leave and annual leave ‘for the sake of the community’ when new cases are miniscule.

And while we should oppose any kind of lawless law enforcement around the world, apparently the lockdown and its restrictions are basically over after today’s Black Lives Matter protest.

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