Oh, Ian (A World Suicide Prevention Day Poem)

A few years ago I was deeply into the music of Joy Division: a Manchester-based post-punk band from the late 70’s. The lead singer, Ian Curtis only 23 took his life at the young age of 23, not long before the band were to set out on their North American tour. He suffered from depression and epilepsy. The former of which was probably brought on by relentless touring and destructive relational choices. This awful decision is reflected in his lyrics, which are considerably dark and bleak.

I rediscovered a short poem I’d written about him a few years ago, and it seems apt to share it on World Suicide Prevention Day.

Oh, Ian

Oh, Ian…

The guilt must’ve been awful

To know the things you’d done weren’t lawful

Oh, Ian…

Isolated and trapped in your mind

Your body out of control

Punishing guilt, unkind as

The mess unfolds…


Thanks for reading!

If you’re feeling suicidal, please contact a close friend or seek medical attention. 

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