Podcast Reco’s: Martyn-Lloyd Jones Sermon Podcast

I first came across David Martyn-Lloyd Jones in a season where I was experiencing considerable spiritual difficulty. ‘Spiritual Depression: It’s Causes and Cure’ was the book I first encountered by the man – a series of sermons delivered in the mid-20th Century on how defective spiritual understanding can affect one’s relationship with God. The book spoke to me through rich Biblical theology that also met me in my experience. I’d felt abandoned by God at the time, but I was shown that the God of the Bible does not abandon us, but is possibly closer than ever. The greatest comfort came knowing that I was not alone, that those who walked with God before me had times of great depression and despondency.

The influence that Martyn-Lloyd Jones has had on my spiritual life has not been met by any other Christian ministry and I am indebted to God for bringing his teaching to me. His preaching is still very relevant and it amazes me when you hear him mention the year 1959 and how little has changed since then. Lloyd-Jones was concerned that God’s Word affected mind, heart and spirit. He always felt a danger in preaching becoming like a lecture or some kind of abstract topic – it must be personal.

Lloyd-Jones was a man who understood his times and spoke to believers of what challenges they may face. Have a listen here.

Photo Credit: Iain Murray

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