The Birds

At work we’ve got this birdcage, which from one point of view is fantastic therapy. Looking at the birds is a nice distraction, however it also means someone has to clean up the poo all over the large cage; change the water; food; and provide additional maintenance. It’s all a fuss.

Anyway, I decided to take the hose in to give the birds new water, thinking it would make it faster to fill up the water containers (it wasn’t). I shot water into their bird bath and then into the containers. As I did this, all of the birds were freaking out – flying back and forth in fear of my presence. I’m trying to help! I thought. Chill!

Then I thought that, because it was considerably hot, I would turn the hose to the mist setting and gently spray water towards the birds to cool them off. After all, they jump into the bath to clean themselves, right?

Well, they didn’t thank me – they went nuts, attempting to fly away from me; and shrieking in terror.

Don’t you realise that I’m trying to help?

We are a much like that.

How many times has God wanted to do something to help us (allowing something painful), but we run away or try to flee from any semblance of pain or difficulty. We fear so much of what may actually be good for us – even what may be life-saving.

God, however, understands all things. He is aware of our lives from beginning to end. Everything that He allows us to pass in our lives is for our good (Rom 8:28).



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